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In this business plan you will find some helpful information for aspiring entrepreneurs who are thinking about starting an ultrasound medical business. Americans spend more than $2 trillion a year on healthcare, accounting for approximately 16% of the nation's entire GDP. Many entrepreneurs are looking to enter the field, and it is always a good idea to have some background information in order to run your business successfully.

ultrasound business plan

Business Model

Ultrasound images are a vital tool in determining the rate of newborn development as well as diagnosing certain medical conditions. Operating a successful mobile ultrasound service depends heavily on negotiating the intricate details of the often-challenging Startup process. The business model presented on the business plan explains the company’s characteristics, how the business will work and how it will make money.


Business Summary

market positioning

Market Positioning

Before you open an ultrasound business in your area, it would be important to find out how many competitors you have. Prior to opening your doors for business, make sure you fully understand the competitive landscape and where your new business will fit in. This section of the business plan presents information about the industry and competitors as well, along with the best strategies to position your ultrasound business within the marketplace. A complete market research report will also be included here.

team management

Operations Plan

You or your staff will need to be certified sonographers with current RDMS credentials. If your business will also offer ultrasound reads, you'll need certified radiologists either on staff or available on an outsourced basis. Sonographic equipment is another hurdle you will need to overcome during the early stages of your business. Physicians expect to receive results quickly, so your setup will need to be capable of immediately sending imagery to physicians and radiologists. These and more specific information about the ultrasound business and its operational aspects will be further described in this section of the business plan, along with the logistics, working schedules, staff preparation, materials and other elements required to run it successfully.

Marketing Plan

Having a marketing plan is very important for an ultrasound business that intends to generate decent income. Marketing strategies usually involve the best ways to push your products and services out there in order to gain the attention of potential clients. You might need to leverage on different networks in order to get the customers you are looking for. This chapter presents a complete marketing campaign for your ultrasound business.

trade shows

Market Segmentation

Our main customer segments are pregnant moms, new moms, and their immediate family members (grandparents, husband, aunt, uncle). In the ultrasound department, your main customers are a mom-to-be and her husband. Also, professional physicians are potential clients for the business. This part of the business plan describes the target market, as well as the strategies to reach them.

business development

Promotional Strategies

This section of the ultrasound business plan provides a jump start to start marketing your business. The first step involves calling physicians directly, affording you the advantage of focused marketing to qualified physicians within your geographical area. This service will achieve the sometimes-difficult task of that first contact with the physician office and allows your business to fast track its development. If you advertise in the wrong place or use flawed ads or methods, then your exposure will be dramatically hindered. Depending on your reach, the marketing channels you will employ may vary to make sure you spend your marketing budget wisely. Affiliate marketing will definitely be one of the top strategies to consider.

Financial Projections

The average age of first-time mothers has increased, which means that by the time the average mom gets pregnant, they have more disposable income to spend on this type of services. The financial projections outlined in this plan will help you understand the results you should expect during the next three to five years of business.

revenue projections

Revenue Assumptions

This section of the business plan outlines the main sources of revenue for the company which will mainly come from the services offered and commissions earned for referrals. A list of many other revenue sources you can explore will be outlined here also.

budget forecasts

Projecting Expenses

This section of the ultrasound business plan outlines the primary ongoing expenses that must be closely watched for, and the strategies that will help you keeping them in line. Expenses such as rent, staff salaries, supplies and utilities, along with equipment maintenance will be the most common.

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