Transportation business plan

Transportation business plan


We all need to transport ourselves from one location to another, and we also have the need to transport goods to another location.

You will need a public or commercial transportation to do so. The transportation business is a viable and profitable one, as there will always be need to transport passengers and goods from one place to another.

The only problem that discourages people from the business is that it is somewhat capital intensive.

There are two major aspects of transport business. First is the passenger transportation, which includes: taxis, commercial vehicle for transportation of passenger and car hire services or chauffeur hire services. Secondly is the Freight or logistics for transportation of goods from one location to the other; it can be from the port to the warehouse.

Find out what it takes to start a transport company, how many fleet of cars you are expected to start with, the popular routes that you can play and make maximum profits in the business; and other people’s opinion on the business.

you have to register the business as a company and acquire all the necessary licenses you need to run your business. You can get the services of a lawyer to help you will the legal processing of your license.

Why I said that you should choose the aspect of transport business as the first step is that your choice will help you know the type of cars to order for your business. For instance, if you are venturing into haulage and logistics; you need to buy haulage trucks to serve your business clients.

The next step to take when the vehicles you ordered for arrive is to get an insurance policy from a reputable insurance firm to cover the cars. Also, you can install a vehicle tracker on them to keep track of their location in case of theft. You can place a tracking system that will allow you shut down the engine of your car if the car has been stolen and on transit.

You need to employee the services of the following personnel for your transport company: Drivers - Chauffeurs - Receptionist and Accounts Personnel - Maintenance Team

You need to advertise the services your company offers to get people to use your services.

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