Free Travel Expense Report Template for Excel 2007 – 2016

Free Travel Expense Report Template for Excel 2007 – 2016

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This free travel expense report template is self-explanatory. It tracks all the expenses covered during business trips or travel plans that you wish to record in a template that you can further look into sometime later. Most people use a travel expense report in order to map out every preparation and expense that they have covered during the trip. This practice is often followed by business organizations because they require a document that they can either use a receipt or as a follow-up form.

With our free travel expense report template, you’ll have a very simple design in which you can easily add in all the details and information regarding every budget cost that you’ve spent during the business trip. It’s very simple to use and easy to understand.

Travel Expense Report Template

Use for Excel, OpenOffice, and Google Sheets

Travel Expense Report Template



With this travel expense report template, you’ll have a design in which you can easily input all the data and information while also having a simple guide at the very top of the document. First of all, a title for the document has already been stated at the very beginning, so this shouldn’t be hard at all to see when exchanging papers with other people involved. Immediately after the title is the personal information of the people who were on that business trip or the employee and the supervisor’s respective names. Their position and department also needs to be specified so that it won’t be hard to track them down in case there any issues or errors in the paperwork. Also, the purpose of the business trip needs to be stated as well, in order for the bosses of the company to understand what the exact purpose of this document is.

A breakdown of the details concerning the budget and the statistical graph of the expenses have also been printed upon the travel expense report template, which makes it easier for the supervisor or the people in charge of checking to see how much has been spent and how much should be reimbursed. This template is actually very similar to the expense reimbursement template but it focuses solely on what was spent rather than what will be returned. The table follows soon after. It has a total of seven columns which respectively represents the date, transportation, accommodation, entertainment, food, other and the total. It’s very easy to understand and very simple to maneuver so there shouldn’t be any difficulties concerning the table at all. At the very bottom of the first sheet is a section for the descriptions of the ‘?others’ as seen on the table. You can add in the expenses that weren’t fully specified on the table and on the bottom right corner are the signatures from the employee and the supervisor, with the needed date as well. Lastly, there is a second sheet meant strictly for the instructions.

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