Free Rental Application Form Template

A rental application form is usually used when you are going to rent a house, commercial space or any other kind of property that you can rent. It is essential to fill up an application and submit it to the property owner while renting something.

With this rental application form template, you’ll have a standard application from which you can use to rent almost anything.

Rental Application Form Template

Use for MS Word, OpenOffice, and G Suite



A rental application means a written document that consists of applicants identity and other important information which is used by the property owner to determine whether the applicant is qualified to rent his property or not. It is essential to fill-up a form before renting anything from its owner. Whether you are a property owner or someone who is looking to rent something can use our template. Our standard rental application form template is pretty simple to use. All you have to do is just download it and then fill it up, that’s how simple it is! It is a very simple form which has 6 segments. Applicant information, employment information, emergency contact, co-applicant information, co-applicant employment information, and references. These are the information that you need to put in this form in order to submit your application. Additionally, you may need to include your credit history, drivers license and other documents along with this form. What additional documents you need to include depends on the property owner.

To help save time and to show you are super keen to rent the property, consider compiling a rental resume and bringing a printed copy to the viewing.  Make sure you include your personal details, your education, current employment details, salary, rental history, references and contact details.  Making a good first impression with a document such as this may help your application. Also, make sure you contact with your references before putting their information into the application form. If your references do not co-operate and provide a positive feedback to the property owner then you won’t be able to rent your desired property. Your former landlord/property owner, career mentor, supervisor and teacher can be a good option for your reference.