Free Root Cause Analysis Template for Excel 2007 – 2016

Root Cause Analysis or RCA is a systematic process to find the “root cause” of any problems or events and how to respond to those problems or events. It is an essential tool for better management and pinpointing the factors of any specific problem or event.

With this free root cause analysis template, you’ll have a very simple and organized document in which you can identify the critical factors of any given problem, the solution of that problem and how to prevent such problem.

Root Cause Analysis Template

Use for Excel, OpenOffice, and Google Sheets




The goal of the root cause analysis or RCA template is to identify what actually happened, how it happened, why it happened, and what actions should be taken to prevent such problems. Implementing the RCA will help the business or agency to understand the barriers and causes of the problem, develop a tactical & permanent solution, identify the current and future needs for improvement, and establish step-by-step processes to ensure the desired result.
RCA can be applied to almost any type of problem that companies face every day. Before RCA can be performed, the problem must be well defined. Some examples of where RCA is being used include, but are not limited to office processes and procedures, quality control problems, healthcare incident analysis, safety-based situations or accident analysis, failure analysis in engineering and maintenance, change management or continuous improvement activities, and computer systems or software analysis.

Our simple root cause analysis template has four different segments in a single worksheet. Issue details, issue to report, possible root cause and suggested solutions are the segments. In order to find the right solution, one must input the date of the issue reported, ID or name of the person who reported the issue, description of the issue, explanation of the source, rating / how critical is the issue, description of the cause, probability of the cause, details or clarification if needed, description of the solution, risks, modifications, description of the success measurement, testing & results. It is a standard template to find the true root cause of any problem. It can also be used for reporting different issues, probable solutions, and measurement tool for success. The development of a robust, well-planned root cause analysis process can be very valuable to the company by determining the root cause and taking action to prevent it from re-occurring. The lessons learned during an effective RCA can often be carried over to similar designs or processes. This should initiate a problem solving continuous improvement mindset to spread throughout the company.