Free Yearly Calendar Template for Excel 2007 – 2016

Whether you need to see a whole year at a glance or plan your week in detail, simply choose one of the free Excel calendar templates below and get started. We’ve included yearly, monthly and weekly calendar templates, some specifically for 2019/2020 and others for any year. All of the calendar templates are for Microsoft Excel and are free to download.

With this free yearly calendar template, you’ll have a very organized set of documents in which you can track how well your year task and events are going over time, based on the exact time and well planned.

Yearly Calendar Template

Use for Docx, OpenOffice, and Google Docs



The yearly calendar system of organizing days for social, religious, commercial or administrative purposes. This is done by giving names to periods of time, typically days, weeks, months and years. A date is the designation of a single, specific day within such a system. A calendar is also a physical record (often paper) of such a system. A calendar can also mean a list of planned events, such as a court calendar or a partly or fully chronological list of documents, such as a calendar of wills. The primary practical use of a yearly calendar is to identify days: to be informed about or to agree on a future event and to record an event that has happened. Days may be significant for agricultural, civil, religious or social reasons. For example, a calendar provides a way to determine when to start planting or harvesting, which days are religious or civil holidays, which days mark the beginning and end of business accounting periods, and which days have legal significance, such as the day taxes are due or a contract expires. Also, this yearly calendar may, by identifying a day, provide other useful information about the day such as its season.

Free Yearly calendars are also used to help people manage their personal schedules, time and activities, particularly when individuals have numerous works, school, and family commitments. People frequently use multiple systems and may keep both a business and family calendar to help prevent them from overcommitting their time. Free Yearly calendars will also use as part of a complete timekeeping system: date and time of day together specify a moment in time. In the modern world, timekeepers can show time, date and weekday. Some may also show lunar phase. Try our free yearly calendar template today and let us know what improvements you want to see in it.