Free Weekly Lesson Plan Template for Excel 2007 – 2016

The purpose of the weekly lesson plan is to help the teachers to manage and get organized in their class schedule. With the aid of a weekly lesson plan template, it is, therefore, a useful and convenient tool designed for teachers who handle primary and secondary level class.

With this free weekly lesson plan template, you will be to outline the lessons that need to be introduced in each of the classes you go to, the objectives to be learned from each lesson, the homework you want to assign and the new things the students are going to learn.

Weekly Lesson Plan Template

Use for Docx, OpenOffice, and Google Docs



A busy teacher with classes almost every working day a week should follow a weekly lesson plan. An ordinary lesson ought to have a starting, a midpoint, and an end. You can see which exercises are more reasonable for the starting with a proper weekly lesson plan. Many new educators belittle the significance of a godown arrangement. In the event that you know your class sensibly well, this ought not to be so difficult to do. You will continuously have an asset to help you ease out your burden of arranging what to teach and what not to. Lesson plans don’t have to be exclusively your guide, they can be your students’ too. At the start of the week, you can project or share your design and use it as a roadmap so students know what’s coming next and be encouraged to do some advanced reading. It’s therefore important to have an eye-catching design to grab your students’ attention and interest. By using our professional template, you’re pretty much sure your lesson plan will look great. More importantly, however, with a well-organized layout, you can provide them with clear directions.

A great tip would be to play around with font styles and sizes to catch and draw their eyes toward important points and lessons for the week. As you become acquainted with what particularly ticks your understudies, you will attempt and discover approaches to copy the achievement. After you teach the lesson, these templates can help you to know what was difficult to grasp by children and where you need improvement. It is a way of recording and monitoring the lesson plans to be a tackle for a span of one week. They can fill up their daily targets and achievements in these templates and use this record for use when they need to present the principal with their weekly output.