Free Wedding Guest List Template for Excel 2007 – 2016

There will come a moment when two persons who wish to bond under marriage blessed by GOD. And they will design a budget for their whole wedding and the list of people they want to invite in this particular grand ceremony. Also, these days, wedding arranging isn’t actually the most effortless activity as it can cost individuals a great deal of their time and cash, particularly in the event that they have no clue what they’re doing.

Arranging a wedding is not an easy task. For a few people, it can take a year or more to get the majority of the reservations set up and to complete the game plans. Our free wedding guest list template can help guarantee that your invitation and guest management will be perfect. You can download the printable wedding template in xls Format to organize or modify the items using Excel or any spreadsheet program. This comprehensive checklist enables you to remain prepped and mindful of your wedding plan.

Wedding Guest List Template

Use for Excel, OpenOffice, and Google Docs



This very helpful and obviously free wedding guest list template will assist you to monitor and trail your wedding invitations and RSVPs. This new template has been updated for the purpose of using on programs like MS Excel 2007 or above. It comes with many features such as calculate the approximate costs for the dinner and reception, and it’s very beautiful to look at and pretty user-friendly. Colors, designs, and decorations are very important elements of your wedding, so we believe that the tools and techniques you use should look great, as well.

This particular template gives an effective method to keep all of your wedding visitor information in one place. It enables you to monitor the names and contact data of those you’ve welcomed to attend your wedding dinner and reception program. Besides all these, this particular template gives you a chance to keep track of the gifts they brought for your glorious future. On the off chance that you know the expense per individual for your wedding dinner and reception program, the template will naturally give you an aggregate expense for each depending on what number of visitors you’ve recorded as visiting. In the event that the person responsible for gathering your visitor data doesn’t have access to a Personal Computer or tablet, without much of a stretch you can print this out and they can fill it in by hand.