Free Service Invoice Template for Excel 2007 – 2016

Business organizations and even more often, business individuals, who provide service to their clients rather than physical goods, often looking for easy to use and less expensive or free alternative to some sophisticated billing software. The service invoice template, which we have created specifically as our answer to most, if not all questions that small business organizations are facing daily, in possibly the most sufficient and less complicated way. This service invoice is ready to use the spreadsheet, which requires minimal customization and can help to get you going in less time that you’ll need to make a coffee.

With this free service invoice template, you’ll be able to create an invoice for your services and keep a record of your service invoices.

Service Invoice Template

Use for Excel, OpenOffice, and Google Sheets



This service invoice, designed and modified specifically to meet requirements of businesses like consulting agencies, solicitors and law firms, freelancing agencies, accountants and other organizations in the similar field.

What about this template then?

  1. First things first. Once you download either of our invoices, you should look for the settings tab. This is where you can change most of the functionalities of the template. For example, you can show or hide your company name or slogan, enter your company details or select the currency symbol relevant to your country out of 4 preset symbols. You can even change the color scheme of your invoice template. Some of the settings are optional and some are not, but the important part is that all four invoice templates within the spreadsheet will reflect the changes you select on the settings tab.

Of course, you can also insert your own logo. Just remember to delete the placeholder image which we have inserted into the templates first. You can then upload your own logo in the usual way that you do for the particular version of Microsoft Excel® that you have in your computer.

Printing and Sending your invoices.

The best way to deal with this task is to convert your invoices to PDF, which you could then send via email to your clients rather than sending paper copies by postal service. If you are using the latest version of Microsoft® Excel®, which has a built-in PDF converter, then you do not need any additional software. To create PDFs in earlier versions of Microsoft® Excel you will, however, need to have a software like Adobe Acrobat® or similar.


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