Free Security Deposit Form for Word 2007 – 2016

A security deposit is an initial payment made by the renter given to a lender or landlord as proof of intent. Security deposits can be refundable or even nonrefundable depending on the terms of the contract. It is mainly a security measure of for the owner.

With this free security deposit form, you’ll have standard documentation for your security deposit which can be used for any kind of official purpose.

Security Deposit Form

Use for Word, OpenOffice, and Google Sheets



Generally, the amount of a security deposit is equal to one month’s rent. Security deposits can accumulate interest while they are held but the rate of rent increases might beat that interest. In that case, the renter has to deposit more money to the security deposit that is being held. Taxes are not been imposed on security deposits. Local laws often consider security deposits as mutual funds. Security deposits that are used as final rent payments must be claimed as advance rent and are taxable when paid.

This template includes detailed pieces of information about landlord and tenant, also information regarding the terms and conditions of refunding a security deposit. If you want to add more terms as in a lease agreement, simply copy and paste that text into this Word file. Typically, you refund a security deposit to tenants upon their moving out unless the residents haven’t caused damages to the unit beyond the normal wear and tear. If you are searching for a simple way to track security deposits for your rental properties, this template is your best choice. Every required piece of information like your tenant names, property, deposit paid & date are included in this template.

Misusing and failing to return security deposits

If a tenant breaks conditions and terms, it’s still unwise to keep the entire security deposit, even if the money is needed to repair the damaged property. The tenant’s violation of the lease does not empower the landlord legally to hold back the security deposit. Also, the security deposit can’t be used for projects such as buying new appliances or redecorating the flat. The deposit should only be used to fix damages or do the cleaning that is needed to restore the property to its original form.

Unfair Conditions

Don’t include unfair conditions on the security deposit forms that may harm the tenants or the renters. Be aware of state’s rules for tenant rights. This may include any unwanted repairs or showing the property to other prospective tenants. To be successful as a landlord, it’s important to do plenty of research and follow proper procedures.