Free Reward Chart Template for Excel 2007 – 2016

Reward charts are tools for changing human’s behavior. A job well done deserves a reward! Help anyone develop, track, and earn rewards for their responsibilities and good behaviors with the Good Job Reward Chart from Learning Resources.

Our free reward chart template is providing positive reinforcement for things that your kids or fellow mates have trouble with can help make the desired behavior routine so that eventually it comes naturally by using our reward chart template.

Reward Chart Template

Use for Excel, OpenOffice, and Google Sheets



Positive attention and praise are the most effective rewards for good behavior because they reinforce good behavior on the spot and help them to build the connection between what you are saying and what they’ve just done. Use the Reward Chart to award stickers for good behavior, and when your child has collected enough stickers to get them to the top of the chart, you can reward them with a treat or an outing (maybe even of their own choosing). When your child misbehaves, remove a sticker from the chart. Tell them why you are doing this, so they understand there are consequences for their bad behavior. To encourage good behavior in one particular area, like running training, simple Star Charts will work better. Here, you focus on the positive, just giving them a star when they make it to the finish on time rather than peeling off stickers to punish them each time they don’t!

Better yet, get creative and develop a chart based on something your child or children love, make it with them and mutually decide on the rewards to be made available when targets are hit. Don’t feel daunted if these charts sound too much like hard work. Making them should be fun for you and the kids and the benefits of the reward system will become immediately apparent as soon as you start using them. Not only for the children this chart will also be of help to the people you worked with to ensure something rewarding after fulfilling a task or the target, this will just not enhance the performance but also create competition for achieving their target for the job. Downloading our amazing Free Reward Chart Template will help you to keep the target fulfilling and give you a visual idea of how much they have fulfilled their target. When your child or employee tries hard to change his/her behavior or task, a reward chart can show him/her when he/she has done a really good job and keep them motivated.

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