Free Payment Receipt Template for Excel 2007 – 2016

A payment receipt is simply proof of payments. It is mostly for the buyer rather than for the business. It is typically not used in accounting for digital products. A payment receipt lets a buyer, to be sure that their payment was received by the business.

With our free payment receipt template, you can organize your receipts properly. No matter how many receipts your customers obtain from you, each one would be the same. You’ll also want to make sure your business name and contact information will be clearly posted on the receipt. If they decide to purchase something from you again, they have your contact info so that they can get back to you.

Payment Receipt Template

Use for Excel, OpenOffice, and Google Docs



Whether your business is in construction, consulting, sales or freelance, invoices are a vital tool for meeting your bottom line, not to mention accurate record keeping and client communication. Using free Excel invoice templates is an easy way to create customized, professional invoices that can be modified to suit various clients and services. Any business, large or small, will benefit from streamlining the design and functionality of their invoices. And because all the calculations are done for you, Excel invoice templates are much easier to use than templates for Microsoft Word.

If you run a business with lots of transactions you understand that record keeping can be a major headache. That’s why it’s important to make sure, that you’re specific about what the receipt was for and when the transaction occurred. You’ll also want to make sure that you specify any taxes paid as well as amounts owed for your accounting records. By contrast, a sales receipt is a bill or request for payment if that payment has not already happened. Sales receipts must contain a more detailed breakdown of the costs and taxes involved, as well as information about the business. They also must have a unique receipt number and a few other strict requirements. Unlike an invoice, it does not require customer information, making for less form to fill out at checkout for your customers.

Receipts should be provided for every product or service purchased from your business, even if the customer is paying with cash. You can print the receipt as you sell the product or service and give it to the customer immediately after their purchase. You also have the chance to email your receipt in PDF form to your customers. You’ll likely want to do this as soon as possible after their purchase so that they have the receipt which will come handy for future reference.