Free Packing Slip Template for Excel 2007 – 2016

There are a lot of systems that businesses use when it comes to selling their products. A popular document that’s used in business when shipping items is a packing slip. This shipping document is also often called a shipping list, packing list, waybill, a bill of parcel, unpacking note, delivery docket, delivery list, manifest or customer receipt.

With this free packing slip template, you’ll have a very standard and organized document in which you can create a packing slip and record your shipping details.

Packing Slip Template

Use for Excel, OpenOffice, and Google Sheets



Our free Packing Slip spreadsheet is for businesses using our sales invoice template that has requested a corresponding packing slip. Some businesses choose to include a copy of the invoice with the shipment, but that can create confusion if the customer has already paid for the items. Also, a packing slip lets you indicate whether the customer should expect multiple boxes and whether items are on backorder.

This spreadsheet is a simple and easy (and free) tool for printing packing slips. It was designed to work with and complement our purchase order and sales invoice templates.

If you wanted to get really fancy, you could copy the worksheet into the sales invoice workbook and link up the cells so that when you create a new invoice, most of the info is updated automatically.

Below are some things to keep in mind as you are using and customizing the packing slip template.

The Date: The date in the upper right uses the =TODAY() function which will always display the current date. If you want to save an archival copy of your packing slip, you may want to manually enter the date so that it doesn’t change when you open the file again.

Adding Rows: You can insert rows for more items, but afterward, you should check the Totals to make sure they reference the correct cells.

Adding Comments: The comments block is for including notes to your customer. Instead of making one large cell for the comment block like many other packing slip templates, each line is a separate cell so you can easily add/delete common comments. For example, if you wanted a backorder note to show up automatically when the shipping quantity is less than the order quantity you could use the following formula:

=IF (G38<F38, “Backordered items will ship as they become available”,”)

Tip: Outside of the printing area, you could list some of the comments that you use frequently so that you can copy/paste the appropriate notes into the comments block.