Free DD Form 1750

The DD Form 1750 is a Department of Defense form.  It is a packing list form used for keeping track of any/certain items. It requires a lot of information in order to be precise, accurate and complete. The information that is required for the DD Form 1750 includes the number of boxes, the contents of the boxes, the date, and the order number.  The packing list can have multiple pages of information depending on the number of goods that needs to be listed.

Download our easy to use free DD form template to ensure that pages are kept in order; write on the form the page number and how many pages there are total. Since this form can be long and detailed, it can be helpful to get legal counsel to assist you with this packing list.  Our free template will ensure you end up with a detailed DD Form 1750 that includes all the necessary information.

DD Form Template

Use for PDF, OpenOffice, and Google Sheets



It is a simple form to fill out. The top line contains a space to name the individual who is doing the packing. On the same line and to the right, you indicate the total number of shipping boxes that have been packed in Box number 1. On the far right of the first line, box 2a sits on top of box 2b; they contain the Requisition Number and the Order number, respectively. The next line contains boxes 3, 4 and 5. Box 3 sits by itself on the left side of the form, and it is marked as the End Item. What goes into this space depends on the nature of what’s being packed. If it’s a complete set of components that will be assembled into an actual End Item, then the stock number and other relative information about the End Item must be enumerated. Otherwise, if it’s repair parts or other types of components, that can also be spelled out in item 3.

Boxes 4 and 5 sit on top of each other on the far right of the second line. Box 4 is simply the date. Box 5 indicates how many pages this form will run for, and what page of that sequence this particular listing is. Column A is filled in if the total package is containing more than one shipping box. It will indicate which box the item described in this row is contained. Column B describes the particular item in the package. Finally, the last row of DD Form 1750 is a place for the packer to print and sign.