Free Credit Application Form

A credit application form is a documentation which is used to apply for a line of credit or extension of credit. A credit application form is completed by an individual or business to a lending institution. The information on a credit application form is used to determine whether the borrower is able to repay the credit in time or not.

With this free credit application form Template, you’ll have a standard application form which you can use to apply for credit from almost any lending institution.

Credit Application Form Template

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The credit application form is usually provided by the credit management institution. If you work in a credit management institution or thinking about opening a new credit management institution then this document will come in handy. Our credit application form is a very simple and standard. It asks for all the necessary information from the borrower. The borrower should include his credit history & credit score report along with this application form when submitting. After that, the lending institution will review the application and verify the credit history to make its lending decision. In addition to credit scoring, lenders also base loan decisions on a borrower’s debt to income. To determine whether a prospective customer is or is not creditworthy, all subcontractors and suppliers should consider using a credit application. When you extend credit, you are, in effect, loaning customers your own money. Naturally, you want to be reasonably sure that you’ll get your money back. The best assurance of future collection is to check each customer’s credit history before extending credit. The credit application should be used for all new customers and periodically with existing customers.

A complete credit application is one of the most important things you can do to help improve your financing results. An incomplete or inaccurate credit application can lead to your credit request getting rejected. All income listed on the application must be verifiable by paycheck stub, tax returns or other means to be considered for approval. If you list income that can not be verified, you risk the loan being rejected during its verification stage. The primary purpose of the credit application is to gather information about the borrower so that the creditor can review them at a later period. The information received on the application should be considered as unverified fact. Part of the credit professional’s task is to confirm facts presented on the application in the credit investigation process. Often, the best credit information you receive is provided directly from the customer.