Free Blank Receipt Template for Excel 2007 – 2016

Creating sales receipts belongs to the canon of standard business practices, just as with writing invoices. Issuing a receipt is one of the most seen, most used and most generated forms in the business world. It can take various forms—the most common being a sales receipt (or a bill of sale), invoices, and general receipt forms such as donation receipts. The key function of any receipt is to serve as the official proof and confirmation of an exchange.

In our free blank receipt template, you’ll have your own forms for whatever business you have going. It is the most common form out there, a good Receipt Template can often be enough to save you from unnecessary drafting time and effort. Consider this list of free download samples as just one accessible reference point. Payment and the store details if the item was purchased from a brick and mortar store as opposed to over the internet.

Blank Receipt Template

Use for Excel, OpenOffice, and Google Docs



Sales receipts are basically bills of sale. Whatever form these take, they act merely as proof of a sales transaction. This can be for individual retail service, or bulk orders (a common type of Restaurant Receipt Template). An invoice is a bit different in that it is issued before the payment, while sales receipts are issued after. The invoice is used to track the sale of goods or services until delivery and payment. Then there is the Money Receipt Template, which merely serves as proof that a deposit has been received. This can be used to certify donations made to charities. These free samples should make the job easier for you, no matter what kind of receipt you’ll need. That said, there are ground rules for each before they can be considered as complete and legitimate.

When drafting sales receipts and invoices, take care to include all relevant information pertaining to the transaction (that has taken place or yet to take place), such as a header stating the receipt and its purpose Also details of both buyer and seller (name/company, address, contact information, signatures).

The blank receipt for invoices, include invoice number and a unique identifier that helps you keep track of your purchase. The information date of a transaction. List of goods and/or services purchased (service receipts might vary slightly from material goods purchases; see Contractor Receipt Template for more on drafting service receipts in particular) Clear the terms and conditions of the sale. Mention total amount due, payment agreements and any add-ons that apply. To help you get started in drafting any of these kinds of receipts, you can download these samples as free Doc/Docx or Excel sheet references, or even as ready-made templates if you find that they adequately fit your need.