Free Bill of Lading Form Template

A bill of lading is often abbreviated as B/L or BOL. Basically, it is a legal document that is normally issued by a carrier and given to the shipper as a contract of carriage of goods. This can be also considered as the receipt of shipment for the goods that’s been delivered to a specific destination. The document is accompanied by shipped goods. It requires to be signed by the representative carrier, receiver or carrier. Regardless of the form of transportation, this document has to be there. It secures both, shipper and the carrier. The document contains all the vital information highlighting the types, destination, and quantity for the goods.

Our free bill of lading form template, unlike many other form templates, will allow you to fill in information in specified areas in the template so that you can be assured of a well-detailed document.

Bill of Lading Form Template

Use for Excel, OpenOffice, and Google Sheets



Our Free Bill of Lading Form Template for Excel is a professionally designed template for issuing a receipt and as a proof of shipping. This template can also be prepared in duplicate or triplicate. One copy is to accompany the shipment, another to be retained by the shipper. A third copy may also be used by the carrier as proof of delivery. This form for Bill of Lading also allows you to specify Shipping Instructions. There is a checkbox for Payment Methods. It also has Shipping Method, Bill No., Shipping Cost, Shipped By, Dept. Charged, as well as signature areas for the company who delivered the shipment and the company that serves as the ultimate recipient.

To understand more about the Bill of Lading clearly, let’s suppose that a logistics company has to transport gasoline to any place with a heavy truck. Before the gas is loaded in the truck, the driver and plant representative has to sign the bill of lading. When the gasoline is reached safely to the destination, the truck driver should get the document signed by the clerk as well as whomever else receives it. This can serve as proof. It also prevents any kind of theft from the company’s assets.

There are several types of bill of lading for various uses. Check out one of the most common types of bill of lading below.

Shipped Bill of Lading

This is one of the most used types of bill of lading document. At times, the shipper can demand that the ship-owner supplies bills of lading which provide evidence that the goods have been shipped already. This is why the bill of lading forms should also be printed beforehand. These documents often also state that the goods have been shipped in good condition.

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