Free Baseball Roster Template for Excel 2007 – 2016

Our new baseball roster template was designed to help new coaches, assistant coaches, and team parents get and stay organized during the season. In addition to the basic roster, this free baseball template features an auto-rotating lineup worksheet, a blank printable baseball score card, and tables for tracking baseball stats

Our free baseball roster template worksheet will help you to collect important information including names, phone numbers, emails addresses and jersey numbers as well. It also provides space to detail practice information, game information and snack rotations. Simply collect the information you need and print out a copy for everyone on the team.

Baseball Roster Template

Use for Excel, OpenOffice, and Google Sheets



If you’re coaching or helping to coach young teams, you know how crazy the dugout can get. The baseball rotation worksheet can help you keep things manageable, even if you end up having kids not show up. When your best player can’t come in for the game you risk crippling your team, which could leave you under pressure during an important match. A good roster plan (or player shift schedule) ensures that each shift has enough good players to keep things running smoothly and efficiently. A good base ball schedule also prevents anyone from getting into an accident at the match because of exhaustion, which means your roster plan can also be reinforced to keep your player safe and healthy. A great player schedule also prevents disorganization and wastefulness of the important match.

Another good reason to create a good roster plan is to determine whether you have been under-performing for the baseball matches, and whether such poor performances have anything to do at all with their skills and training or that it simply is a matter of poor scheduling. Some player might be better suited for the first shift while others for the mid shift on the game. The ideal roster design can enable you to spot any issues that generate problems for certain shifts and, consequently, for your important games. Post a printout of the lineup sheet in the dugout to let players figure it out for themselves where they will be playing each inning, and what the batting order is. This can help reduce the chaos and the number of “when am I up?” and “what position am I playing? Downloading our special Free Baseball Roster Template will help your base ball game more effectively and lead to less problems when the game is in great pressure.

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