Free Application for Employment Form

An employment application form is an important business document which is used by the recruiting manager when hiring new employees. The purpose of this document is to determine who are the best candidates for any specified job.

With this Free Application for Employment Template, you’ll have a very organized set of documents in which you can collect candidates information and evaluate them for hiring the best candidate.

Application for Employment Template

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Usually, the purpose of an employment application form is to determine whether a candidate will make it to the interview stage or not. Most companies provide such form when someone applies to any of their jobs. After that candidates fill out the form with relative information and submit it to the recruiting manager. The completed and returned document notifies the company of the applicant’s availability and desire to be employed and their qualifications and background so a determination can be made as to which candidate should be hired. Our employment application form is specially designed for recruiters so that it’s easy for them to collect and store all the necessary information of the candidates for any future usage. Our aim for this template is making things easy for both recruiters and applicants. It has four different segments which are personal information, prior work experience, education, and personal references. Company or recruiting manager needs all these information to determine whether the applicant is fit for the job or not.

Some companies may ask for a resume or cover letter along with the employment application form. Other may ask applicants to disclose any criminal record. Application blanks are the second most common hiring instrument next to personal interviews. Companies will occasionally use two types of application blanks, short and long. They both help companies with initial screening and the longer form can be used for other purposes as well. The answers that applicants choose to submit are helpful to the company because they can become an interview question for that applicant at a future date. An employment application form is an effective recruitment tool that provides an employer an overview not only about the personal qualities of the applicant but also his or her skills, experience and the potential to be successful in the position that he or she has applied. Having a professional employment application forms is not only useful for record keeping purposes but it is also essential in streamlining the process of recruiting potential employees to work in your company.