Download Free Timesheet Template

A timesheet keeps track of hours an employee or worker worked during the business hour. It is documentation that tells the number of working hours delivered by the employees of a company or an organization. The employers use timesheets to compute salaries and analyze employee productivity. Our timesheet template is designed by experts. You can download a free copy of timesheet from the link below.

With this free timesheet template, you’ll have a standard document in which you can track how many hours you have worked on any specific project and submit it to your client for billing purpose.

Timesheet Template

Use for Excel, OpenOffice, and Google Sheets



A Timesheet is a great tool for monitoring and recording activities and working hours of the workers or employees in a certain institution. These activities are strict time bound and give a quantitative analysis of the total working hours of an employee as well the total productive output that he can give in a certain period of time under certain working conditions.  Timesheets are must-have items for industries that have a vast line of products and have to follow the delivery deadline. Timesheets help the companies to keep an eye on the workers’ efficiency and productivity. Timesheets also help the management to monitor the workers and their skills and making decisions whether keeping them, promoting them or changing them based on the work that they perform and contribute to the productivity of the company. For these reasons timesheets are mandatory. Maintaining a timesheet makes the worker aware about the importance of the time and output he provide for the company. It makes the workers more responsible on their duties.

For every small business, tracking employee time worked is very important to grow and scale up. Timesheets are very easy to create, especially when you use a blank template like ours. But it is difficult to make it a habit to maintain one.  Once the habit is achieved, timesheets will work like miracles and they are highly recommended by many management specialists too, in order to see a rush in the total productivity of the company.  Timesheets are very easy to use and we have made the timesheets pretty user-friendly in the first place because the sheets would be used by the employees. There are a few things that need to be considered while creating timesheets for your employees. The timesheets have to be easy to understand and user-friendly. If it became too complicated, workers would have a hard time maintaining it. Just download our timesheet template and start tracking work hours. As it is an Excel timesheet, you can customize it according to your needs.