Download Free Baseball Roster Template

A baseball roster is the number of players that will play in their particular major team in the baseball league which might be 25 or 40 lists. This hierarchical instrument will most likely help each administration or any mentor of a baseball crew have the ace rundown of the considerable number of players that will play in a customary season, which will be the principal players and their substitute players to have the capacity to compose the group play or system.

With this free baseball roster template, you’ll have a very standard document in which you can record the team identity information, statistics and much more.

Baseball Roster Template

Use for Excel, OpenOffice, and Google Sheets



Our baseball roster template was specially designed for new coaches, assistant coaches, and team parents get informed and stay organized during the baseball season. This template looks like a basic roster but this free baseball template has some cool features like auto-rotating lineup worksheet, an empty and printable baseball scorecard, and tables for tracking baseball statistics

If you have the experience of coaching or helping to coach new teams, then you should know how that can be. This baseball rotation worksheet can save you a lot of time and help you to keep things organized, even if you end up having some players not showed up. The Roster worksheet will provide you with all the necessary and important information including names, phone numbers, emails addresses and jersey numbers. It also provides space to detail practice information, game information and snack rotations. You just have to collect the information you need and print it out a copy for everyone on the team.

A well-documented roster decreases confusion in the field and balance playing time by using the included auto-rotating baseball lineup tables. Just enter the names and the starting lineup. Then players will find their position each inning quite easily.

If you don’t like the auto-rotation feature, you can use the manual position table to select the positions for each inning. Then the Batting Order table will be automatically updated.

Use of Baseball Roster

  • Make a printout of the lineup sheet in the dugout before the game. It will help the players to figure that where they will be playing each inning, and what the batting order is. This will also reduce the chaos and the number of questions asked by the players like “when I will go?” or “what is my position?”
  • It also helps to keep the baseball statistics up to date during the game.