Free Gap Analysis Template for Excel 2007 – 2016

A gap analysis is usually performed to check whether the business is achieving it’s desired performance or not. It involves the comparison of actual performance and desired performance. The goal of this analysis is to identify where it needs improvement and what resources it needs to achieve the desired goal.

With this free gap analysis Template, you’ll have a very organized set of documents in which you can compare the actual state of performance with the desired performance, what actions & recourses are needed, any risks are involved or not, and priorities.

Gap Analysis Template

Use for Excel, OpenOffice, and Google Sheets



Gap analysis reports are often used by project managers and process improvement teams. Conducting a gap analysis can help you to improve your business efficiency, your product, and your profitability by allowing you to pinpoint “gaps” present in your company. Once it’s complete, you’ll be able to better focus your resources and energy on those identified areas in order to improve them. Our gap analysis template is very simple to use. It has 2 worksheets which are the general gap analysis worksheet and document history. on the first sheet, you will be able to input the items/tasks performance you want to compare, it’s current and desired states, start and due dates,  To whom it’s assigned, Action items, risk, priorities, completion status, And a note for related to that task. On the second sheet, you will be able to put the version of the document, date, summary of changes, changes made by, and related note. And that’s all! This template is specially designed to make things easy for its users. You can use it for almost any kind of gap analysis.

Usually, businesses perform a gap analysis to identify the gaps between customer expectations and customer experiences which sometimes lead to customer dissatisfaction. Measuring gaps is the first step to improve customer satisfaction. You can also gain competitive advantages with this analysis. Gap analysis, when used correctly, can be applied to a wide variety of situations where a business wants to improve. Many companies are performing below their potential because they either misuse resources or lack the correct investment in technology or capital. Gap analysis highlights these inefficiencies and offers recommendations for improvement. It is important for business owners that want to make plans months and years into the future. It allows teams to quickly diagnose problems and create ways to solve those problems through integral changes in business practices. Gap analysis can be very vague. It explores the nebulous area between goals and current abilities and requires very exact data measurement to be useful. A gap analysis is a powerful tool that organizes information, drives development, and frames learning objectives for all stakeholders. To make the move towards the future desired state, a company must develop and implement quantifiable and measurable success factors that reflect the difference between success and failure of the organization.

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