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Raising money for a software company is not the easiest thing in the world and usually these days, the software companies are already generating a profit and growing steadily. There is a rather invalid belief that with a modern and chic looking presentation that even the dumbest Startup can trick investors into writing a check. This is a fallacy touted by graphic design firms that make presentations – but its far from reality. In fact, if this has any effect whatsoever it is probably on unaccredited and unexperienced investors that has its own set of risks. This article will help you create a real software pitch deck to raise money from professional, accredited investors and funds.

software pitch deck

Software Pitch Deck

When it comes to raising money for a software Startup, investors want to know that your company has already demonstrated its value and ability to scale in the market. Nobody wants to put money into a ‘gold exploration company’, but once the mine has been discovered, the phone rings constantly. In reality, its extremely hard to validate a business without money - so companies get put in a difficult position. Hence, its imperative that software companies get as much traction as possible before doing the raise from customer interviews, initial sales, user registrations, or any other way to demonstrate the growth.

Value Proposition

When it comes to a Startup, there is one thing that determines if it will sink or swim – the value proposition. Startup companies that have a weak value proposition will receive little traction in an uphill battle because they are not producing enough ‘value’ or solving enough ‘problems’ in the market to get people to pay. For many software Startups these days, they need to either solve a problem that no other company has addressed yet or provide a significantly better solution that will skyrocket past the competition – being 10x better at the same price or 10x cheaper with the same profit margins.

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Business Model

When it comes to the business model, this is how your software pitch deck explains the mechanics behind your profitability. Its not sufficient to merely solve a problem, you must be able to generate revenue and profit from it. There are many companies like Twitter who have gotten massive funding without drawing a single dollar, but this is not a mainstream example. If you want someone’s money, its important to have a clear path to profitability that is both feasible and not unreasonable to achieve. In the case of Twitter, they had sufficient users to justify an advertising model. However, advertising does not typically work for most Startups because for it to be profitable, you need a massive user base to the likes of the top 10% of social media platforms to justify any kind of institutional financing.

Financial Projections

The financial projections in a software Startup pitch deck are wrong. Some investors hold them to a higher regard than others and analyze the assumptions used, but they ae always wrong and not just a little – 100%. However, the more traction you have, the more you can reduce their degree of incorrectness and base them off empirical data. For instance, if you know that it costs you $20 to acquire a user and you have been operating for six months and generate and average profit of $150 per user, you can justify this. Whether people will all drop off in month seven – you don’t really know, but it may be sufficient for many investors to justify accepting the projections and even if you have sufficient assumptions, it is better than nothing.

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What is Included in Our Custom Pitch Deck Service?

  • Marketing Plan
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Profitability Analysis
  • Personnel Plan
  • Organizational Chart
  • Company Valuation
  • Executive Summary
  • Company Description
  • Keys to Success
  • Three Year Objectives
  • Product or Service Description
  • Market Research
  • Fundraising Support
  • 12 Month & 3 Year Profit & Loss
  • 3 Year Balance Sheet
  • 12 Month & 3 Year Sales Forecast
  • 12 Month & 3 Year Cash Flows
  • Break-Even Analysis
  • Financial Ratio Analysis
  • Management Team

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