Investment Portal

Software for Securities Issuance

Investment Portal

Streamline investor onboarding, share issuance, and investor management.

A robust software utilizing Blockchain technology to simplify securities issuance and transfers.


Types of Transaction Advisory

Secure Data Room

Private password protected data room for displaying pertinent deal information, prospective investor communication, and more.

Cap Table Management

Investors can easily make buy/sell requests for company review and approval or rejection.

Investor Onboarding

Our system conducts an automated KYC/AML and accreditation check and allows investors to easily buy shares using their bank account.

Autonomous Reporting

Dividends can be automaticallly distributed, along with automated investor reporting directly on the system.

Technology Features

Primary issuance, secondary trading, buybacks, and more
private deal

Privately display company information and virtual data file access for approved investors and deal subscribers.

investor onboarding

Automated KYC/AML check and streamlined onboarding process to reduce subscription time and cost.

cap table

Request or execute trades and transfer shares efficiently with a few clicks – public market efficiency for private markets.

money transfer

Easily buy or sell shares and receive dividends using you bank account, over 1,500 + institutions supported globally.

party risk

Our system works to prevent legal mediation through investor misconduct and avoid costly mistakes using software.


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