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As generations age, the need for nursing agency services increases. Starting a nursing agency business seems to be one of the biggest trends by helping fill the current nurse shortage. The business plan will provide a complete guide of the business with financial, operational and marketing strategies, as well as all the forms, and training material that will help and guide you along your journey by saving you time in starting and operating a successful nursing agency.

nursing agency business plan

Business Model

This section of the plan will explain in detail how the nursing agency works and how it gets its clients. A nursing agency is an organization that offers nurses and certified health care assistants to individuals who need the services of a professional. Nurses are recruited by the agency on temporary contracts and make themselves available to be hired by hospitals, clinics and other health care providers to help during busy periods or to cover for staff absences.

Business Summary

market positioning

Market Positioning

The business plan describes in this item how to position your nursing agency in the marketplace by showing experts’ recommendations and research reports. If you are an entrepreneur with a good agency representing reliable nurses, willing to work where the demand exists, taking this business plan is an opportunity to increase the reach of your agency by position it properly within your target market.

team management

Operations Plan

This section of the nursing agency business plan describes the steps to operate the business in a proper way, including the recruitment of experienced nurses and building a client base. It also involves establishing a proper compensation structure for the staff and supervision and oversight procedures to make sure the services are carried on effectively.

Marketing Plan

The marketing plan focuses on making the business grow and become well known within its market by using several strategies in order to promote the nursing agency business to attract more clients and recruit highly experienced professionals.

trade shows

Market Segmentation

This section describes the target customers of your nursing agency business by explaining their main needs and preferences. Properly segmenting the business will ensure you have a higher probability of success by targeting unattended niches of the market.

business development

Promotional Strategies

The business plan offers several tactics to promote your nursing agency. For instance, advertising in recognized medical magazines, recruitment campaigns to hire skilled nurses and participation in local health-care related events. Developing your web presence through a website and social media is also a great way to promote this kind of businesses.

Financial Projections

The financial section of the nursing agency business plan describes the financial aspects of the business such as the expense’s budget, cash-flow statements and income projections for the agency. It also identifies the main revenue sources of the business and the strategies to make the company profitable and sustainable.

revenue projections

Revenue Assumptions

The main sources of revenues will come from the services offered by the nursing agency such as skilled nursing home services, nursing aide, personal assistance and many others. The business plan also outlines other revenue increase opportunities such as expanding the range of services to serve different types of health-care organizations.

budget forecasts

Projecting Expenses

In this section of the nursing agency business plan there is a detailed description of the major expenses you need to consider and watch carefully and also the strategies to keep them in line in order to maintain your profit margins at an acceptable level. These expenses include compensation for recruited nurses, training costs, rent and client acquisition expenses.

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