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For those people who have a caring nature, opening a nursery means the perfect Startup. One thing is certain, owning a nursery is more than face coloring, nursery rhymes and playgrounds, there are a lot of rules and regulations that come with being the custodian of a child’s welfare and early education. It may not sound easy but this business plan will provide all the tools needed to be successful as a nursery owner.

nursery business plan

Business Model

The nursery industry is devoted to nurturing children in their early stages of life; there is a lot of passion and heart put into a profession like this, nonetheless, it is a business and profits need to be made. In this segment of the business plan, there is a description of the business model and the most important elements to take into account in order to run a successful nursery.


Business Summary

market positioning

Market Positioning

Governments around the world encourage parents to send their kids to nurseries in order to prepare them for their academic life, moreover, kids get to interact with other children and that allows them to improve their social skills as well as acquiring discipline. Working parents benefit and rely on the nursery industry so their kids are taken care of as well as being cultured. In this section of the plan there is information about the competitors and the overall market and the strategies required to position your nursery business.

team management

Operations Plan

The operational plan outlines the different services the nursery will offer. A good, comfortable, and safe facility is necessary, as well as qualified personnel for teaching and for administrative positions to keep the place up and running. Didactic material needs to be carefully selected and bought, as well as the implementing new technologies in the development of the children´s activities. All this information will be explained in this section along with key processes that are required to run the business smoothly.

Marketing Plan

The marketing plan of a nursery business will focus in implementing intense promotional strategies to guarantee the arrival of new customers that will help the business grow, usually by being recommended to others.

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Market Segmentation

To pick the right target market it is utterly important to study the background of the location of the nursery; in order to get a hint of the demographics of the county so the segmentation can be properly designed. This part of the plan describes the potential segments and their needs, as well as strategies to serve them like offering after school programs for small children such as, arts, science, sports and others.

business development

Promotional Strategies

The focus of promotion should be to present to potential customers the perks of choosing one particular nursery, showing them which choice is the right one to solve their schedule issues as well as providing the best education for their children. The strategies presented in this section include: a functional and appealing web site, e-newsletters, brochures, social media presence and word of mouth recommendations.

Financial Projections

Financial projections for nurseries are growing as the number of working parents is increasing worldwide. No technological advance will ever compare to having a person taking care of children, therefore is a business that might not make anyone a millionaire, but it will always be profitable. This chapter of the plan details the financial plan of the business including three to five year forecasts of its revenues, expenses and cash flow.

revenue projections

Revenue Assumptions

This part of the business plan presents the main sources of revenuefor the company, and the plan for creating more sources of income that might need some investment but eventually will translate into more profits. For instance, selling uniforms and school supplies with the name of the nursery as well as offering after school programs for different target ages.

budget forecasts

Projecting Expenses

Maintenance of nursery facilities, as well as workers’ wages are part of the most common ongoing expenses for this type of business. Training is also a very important part of the money invested in staff preparation. Theses and more information about the operating costs will be further explained in this section of the business plan.

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