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Mineral Trading Companies specializes in trading copper, coal, iron ore, nickel, aluminum, ferroalloy, and precious metals and the main purpose of this business plan is to help you become a reference for clients interested in trading minerals within your area. The business plan will guide you to become one of the market leaders in mineral trading and processing through a comprehensive and organized path drafted for the most critical areas of your business.

Mineral Trading Company Business Plan

Business Model

The main objective of the mineral trading company is basically the import/export different types of minerals depending on the needs and output of the domestic market. This part of the business plan describes the characteristics of the business and how it works.


Business Summary

market positioning

Market Positioning

This segment of the business plan formulates methods that will help proficiently market and broadcast the raw materials that the mineral trading company can offer. It is vital to say that a mineral trading company can provide the customer with the necessary raw materials and a range of minerals to help boost their own corporations, as well as liaise with the transportation required to deliver the items to the clients. Furthermore, this area of business takes care that the materials get to the customer with high standards of quality, which is essential for them, as that will ensure the quality of their end-products turns out as expected. These and more strategies to position the company within the industry will be further described in this section of the business plan, including the competitive landscape and the competitive advantages you have that may set you apart from others.

team management

Operations Plan

Due to the nature and legal status required to trade different raw material and precious metals overseas, the company is required to meet up certain standards before it can get licensed and permitted to start offering its products worldwide. In fact, the buildings that will store such materials will often be inspected to ensure that they meet all the requirements in terms of safety and quality. In this section of the business plan, you will find the operational information of the mineral trading company business and the logistics required to perform properly including software, facilities, staff training and other particular operational requirements.

Marketing Plan

This section of the Mineral Trading Company business plan, proposes an extensive marketing campaign that aims to create awareness within your potential clients to portrait your business as an outstanding supplier. Here, an outline of the marketing strategies will be presented to help you achieve your sales goals.

trade shows

Market Segmentation

This part of the plan analyses the variety of potential customers your Mineral Trading Company should aim to acquire. The description of the different segments usually includes the type of business, their economic activity, their size, demographic information about them, including materials required, brands, type of products, legal status and certifications they possess. Identifying and picking the right segment can play a significant role in your mineral trading company’s success.

business development

Promotional Strategies

Some of the most common ways to advertise and market a Mineral Trading Company include direct-selling, traditional ads posted in different industry-relevant magazines, such as those that your potential customers read, participation in fairs and events were services such as these are offered, along with other channels that will be explored in this particular section of the business plan.

Financial Projections

One thing is, the fact that international trade growth isn’t stopping anywhere near, the trend will continue to benefit this massive industry as even more companies are requiring the materials that mineral trading companies can supply in order to continue to manufacture their own wide range of products and finished goods. In this chapter of the business plan, we will outline the financial projections of your company including its potential revenues, expenses and capital expenditures required to operate successfully.

revenue projections

Revenue Assumptions

The main sources of revenues for a mineral trading company come from the bid-ask spreads involved in the trading activity. This different between the buying and selling price will be the main source of revenue. On the other hand, the company can also serve as an intermediary for certain transactions and it could even provide a trading platform that clients can use. In this section of the plan we will list these and other revenue sources for the mineral trading business along with estimates of how much they can contribute to your overall sales figures.

budget forecasts

Projecting Expenses

This section of the plan outlines the major expenses involved in operating the company such as staff salaries, office rent, advertising costs, transportation fees, legal fees, licensing fees, insurance, bank fees and other associated expenses.

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