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A medical practice business requires extreme care every step of the way. The business plan offers a view of what to expect when going out on the idea of opening your own medical practice. The business plan also explains how to connect with the resources and professionals that can help you be successful as the head of your private medical practice. It also focuses on setting the goals for operating and growing the practice and contains important aspects such as human resources, physical location, finances and information technology.

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Business Model

A Medical Practice Business is an organization that provides an extremely valuable medical assistance service to the population. A medical practice business focuses on diagnosing and treating conditions for patients of different ages, while emphasizing on preventative medicine and the overall health and wellness of patients, using the latest equipment and treatments and a staff of experts who will enhance the health of each patient.

Business Summary

market positioning

Market Positioning

Research is essential to the development and success of a medical practice. This business plan offers market research to understand how to position the services within the target market, making sure the services are relevant to their needs.

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Operations Plan

The operation plan included in this business plan determine the following steps before launching a medical practice: getting credentials, choosing a legal structure and getting licensed. Other aspects as the location of the business or how to recruit a well trained staff, along with organizing internal processes and patients are also described.

Marketing Plan

The business plan employs many strategies to differentiate the medical practice business from others existing in the market. The largest of these differences will be the sincere concern for the client's well being on every level. Customer service is a crucial aspect as word of mouth will serve as a effective strategy to get new patients.

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Market Segmentation

Patients are the essence of your medical practice, and a big part of improving your patient acquisition process is targeting an appropriate audience. In this business plan, this target will be defined. Most of the medical practice businesses make the mistake of reaching a wide audience. The practice should properly outline who their primary target is, whether that is newborns or grandparents. Segmenting the market properly will increase the effectiveness of promotional strategies.

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Promotional Strategies

The marketing strategies in the business plan include a combination of print media advertising, website development, networking, and promotional events. The business plan details features such as being active in the community, join health fairs with your medical practice business and anywhere else you can set up a stand to create brand awareness within your area.

Financial Projections

The business plan includes a financial model and worksheet, explaining how the medical practice business will be paying for the staff, physical location and equipment for your company. This section of the business plan reviews available capital, financing options, and other funding opportunities. It determines how much money is needed to fulfill the maintenance and growth of the medical practice. Medical practitioners often need a small business loan or other outside capital to help cover Startup costs.

revenue projections

Revenue Assumptions

The business plan provides a structured approach to develop workload and revenue projections based on managing patient acquisition and retention through an organized and well-documented process of follow-up and appointment setting.

budget forecasts

Projecting Expenses

The main expenses outlined in the business plan are: rent, equipment, staff, accounting and legal fees. Other expenses include medical practice software, office furniture and disposable supplies such as gloves, gauze and bandages.

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