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A medical clinic is an organization that provides medical assistance services to the population. The health care business becomes more challenging each day as it is experiencing organizational changes in its delivery system, a higher expectation of value vs. price paid, increasing technological challenges, and an ever-changing regulatory environment. Strategic business planning is more important than ever, so this business plan will guide you to all the requirements needed in order to serve in the best interest of the individuals and to make the business grow in size and profits.

medical clinic business plan

Business Model

The medical clinic business model is based in providing a high quality, primary health care service for patients. The services of a medical clinic are aimed towards individual and families who are served by doctors, nurses, therapists, hospitals, nursing and rehabilitation facilities and assisted living communities, among other professionals and establishments. All the aspects to be considered in order to understand the business are included in this section.

Business Summary

market positioning

Market Positioning

The medical clinic business plan provides a great opportunity for the private sector. There are government agencies at state levels that provide the same services but with long delays, lack of personal attention, and lower quality of service. Here you will find the strategies to fulfill the market’s unfulfilled needs in order to position your business within its segments.

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Operations Plan

The operations plan for a successful medical clinic business includes setting up a proper admission’s procedure; hiring and compensating medical professionals, acquiring the technological devices required to conduct the services along with maintenance for the clinic’s facilities, among others.

Marketing Plan

The marketing section of the medical clinic business plan includes all the potential strategies required to position the business at the top of its market. Many different tools will be outlined in order to attract customers and create loyalty among them.

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Market Segmentation

Segmentation is essential for a medical clinic business success. The business plan will define the existing and prospective customers to be able to make decisions that will enhance your ability to communicate and connect with them. This includes focusing in certain medical fields and targeting specific niches that are both attractive and profitable.

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Promotional Strategies

The marketing tactics within the business plan are mainly focused in attracting new patients. This section of the business plan includes ways to remain in contact with new patients and with those who have visited the clinic in the past, for example, by providing a quarterly newsletter on health issues relevant to these patients and sending e-mail reminders for appointments.

Financial Projections

The purpose of the financial projections section is to describe assumptions on how many patients the medical clinic can attend, which are the main expenses and how much the business will make. The purpose of the financial projections is also to provide convincible facts for lenders and investors to believe that investing in your practice will provide a good return.

revenue projections

Revenue Assumptions

The main sources of revenues for a medical clinic business come from the number of patients served in a day. This section will include estimations on average revenues per patient and different procedures carried on in the clinic’s facilities that could also provide considerable income.

budget forecasts

Projecting Expenses

The main operational expenses of a medical clinic are explained in this section of the business plan. It presents a guide on how to closely watch for the biggest expenses of the business and how to keep them in line in order to maintain a sustainable organization. These expenses usually include medical professional’s fees, facility maintenance charges and support staff payments.

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