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S &amp P Capital IQ

Pro Business Plans uses Capital IQ data in order to assist with finding industry data and comparable companies to determine valuations. It uses industry reports, focused on financial data and individual stock reports that are comparable to similar companies. Capital IQ is mainly applied to the later stage companies that more closely resemble larger and more mature companies on the public financial market.

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Internal Database

Pro Business Plans has an internal database of over 10,000 clients that it uses as case analysis to determine what has worked well for clients in the past, as well as routes that they have taken which did not end well for them. While information of all clients is confidential, we can use things such as financial ratio bencharks for purposes of budgeting and financial forecasting that is advantageous for forming the financial statements.


Nielsen specializes in providing market research for corporations along with analytical consulting services. Pro Business Plans uses the reports from Nielsen regarding online consumer shopping habits, their interaction with technology and overall consumption patterns. The data is applied to spot trends and better tailor products or services based on consumer behavior internationally.


Pro Business Plans uses Thomson Reuters for many projects. Many of its public articles are used to present market data, prepared by its industry specialized researchers within investment banking. It also uses the company’s individual stock reports to as a competitive analysis and comparable data tool for valuing companies. Most major private equity or venture capital firms look to Thomson Reuters for reliable data.


The Gallup Company is well recognized for its Gallup Poll surveys. Polls cover everything from macro-economic data such as consumer confidence levels to very industry specific data like Internet behavior or food consumption preferences based on defined demographics. While Pro Business Plans occasionally will conduct its own polling or host focus groups, Gallup is an extremely reliable third party source for surveys.

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The US Census , along with the Bureau of Labor Statistics , consistently provides to be an excellent source of data for the United States. This assists Pro Business Plans mainly to determine the growth rate or decline of new employers or hiring rates in some industries. It also helps the company to better determine the market saturation levels for each industry by region or city to assist in brick & mortar placement.

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