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If you intend on creating a company in the logistics industry and need to acquire investment, it is likely that you will need a business plan. Pro Business Plans has worked with many companies in the logistics industry to create plans for investment and strategy. This article provides information on what is typically included in a logistics business plan and how it is structured.

logistics business plan

Logistics Business Plan

There are many things to consider when creating a custom business plan for a logistics company. Among the most important factors to consider are how you will acquire clients and what area of the market you will specialize in. For instance, the performance of a regional trucking company is substantially different than a trans-national marine logistics company.

The unique aspects of your logistics company are reflected in the business model and shape the marketing strategy to contribute to the bottom-line financial projections. Each section and how they are structured have been provided in more detail below.

What is a Logistic Business?

Logistics refers to the delivery of services or products from the point of manufacture to the point of usage. It's done to make things easier for end-users and consumers. Whether it's a restaurant, café, IT firm, or clothing company, every company must employ logistical processes. Every sector and organization must provide items to end consumers at all times. The main goal of establishing a logistics unit is to deliver packages considerably more quickly, safely, and precisely. Transport and logistics business are key aspects of every country's growth. This creates a plethora of attractive transport and logistics company prospects from which one may benefit handsomely.

Business Model

The business model section of the logistics business plan is designed to communicate what your company does to make money and how it will translate that into a profit. For a logistics company, this is representing clients to transports goods from one point to another. However, it is much more complicated on an individual scale with many unique factors to consider. For instance, a trucking company with a fleet of 10 vehicles will be much different than an individual starting with a single truck. The business model should also communicate the team intact to demonstrate the logistics expertise is in place.

Marketing Plan

The marketing strategy for a logistics business plan typically consists of a combination of acquiring RFPs and performing bid analysis. At some point, sales will need to be performed to solicit requests for proposals. However, it is also important to perform precise bid analysis using software and a trained professional. As your company grows, it will be more effective in performing bid analysis based on the costs that it has incurred from similar trips. However, a robust financial model will serve as a major asset in factoring in cost to draw a profit, while remaining competitive to win logistics contracts.

Financial Projections

One of the most important parts of a business plan for a logistics company is the financial projections. This will help you and your investors to determine the return on assets and revenue generated per load. The projections are typically based on the expense structure of similar logistics companies, but altered to meet the unique situation of your company. For instance, acquiring a used verses top of the line fleet of transportation vehicles will alter the expense structure. The brokerage firm and other software used will also be factored into the financials. In general logistics companies should focus on operating with the lowest possible overhead in order to bid more competitively for contracts.

What is Included in Our Custom Logistics Business Plan?

  • Marketing Plan
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Profitability Analysis
  • Personnel Plan
  • Organizational Chart
  • Company Valuation
  • Executive Summary
  • Company Description
  • Keys to Success
  • Three Year Objectives
  • Product or Service Description
  • Market Research
  • Fundraising Support
  • 12 Month & 3 Year Profit & Loss
  • 3 Year Balance Sheet
  • 12 Month & 3 Year Sales Forecast
  • 12 Month & 3 Year Cash Flows
  • Break-Even Analysis
  • Financial Ratio Analysis
  • Management Team

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