Landscaping Business Plan

Laboratory Articles

Landscape is the art of preparing, preserving, designing, architecting and even rehabilitating the land. Landscaping services are a way to beautify the environment; it is the business of giving a total artistic effect to a neighborhood. In this business plan you will learn how to be ready to go the extra mile in order to convince clients that your business can deliver an excellent job. Furthermore, it gives you tools to prove your business is well experienced in gardening and landscaping techniques.

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Business Model

The Landscaping business is the service of bringing out the beauty of the land through designing and architecting the environment for both residential homeowners and commercial properties. The business plan explains how to gather and form a team of highly trained professionals who know what it takes to give customers this kind of expertise service. The service is usually an ongoing one but there could also be instances were particular designs are required as a one-time job.

Business Summary

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Market Positioning

Creating the right market strategies for a landscaping business is a critical task to succeed. The business plan will help you position the business within the market, expanding the services of the business to care and maintenance, trimming, mowing, installation of artificial grass and chemical treatment, among others. Also, showing how to deliver excellent designs and offers to set you apart from the competition.

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Operations Plan

There are certain tasks that you'll need to consider in order to make your landscaping business grow. The business plan will guide you in all the aspects you need to contemplate including estimating the cost of your projects, setting prices, administrating the business, customer service policies, along with procurement and personnel management.

Marketing Plan

It is important to understand that landscaping is a seasonal business, and that it has normally a downtime during the winter, so the business plan will help you market your services aggressively during other seasons so the business will catch enough customers to carry through the winter. Also, it will define ways to vary the offer of services according to the client’s needs for the season. For example, in the fall, you could offer services of winterizing lawns, raking leaves or collecting past-due accounts.

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Market Segmentation

The business plan explains different and unique strategies to reach every possible client on the business. For the landscaping business the target market is very wide and it includes: facility managers, homeowners, builders of commercial properties, new homeowners looking for updating the existing landscape, retirees, golf course managers, rental property or condominium association managers, public facilities and government establishments, among others.

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Promotional Strategies

There are many ways you can use effectively to advertise your landscaping business. These include social media presence where you can show your portfolio of past jobs, along with traditional advertisements including specialized magazines.

Financial Projections

Following the tactics on this business plan will make your business not only generate income from the core service delivery but also from all the complementary services that are possible for the landscaping world, such as sod installation, weekly lawn cut, weeding beds, flowers sale, seasonal cleanup services, along with consultancy and advisory. This section will define the forecasts for your business finances in order to become appealing for investors and guarantee profitability from operations.

revenue projections

Revenue Assumptions

The average cost of landscape services varies and it depends on many factors. Normal landscaping services may include in its prices other related services that may be required for the client. Sometimes, these additional services can be priced separately, but in some other instances, they may be priced together into a monthly figure. In this business plan you will be able to adopt a price format that is ideal for the kind of services the business is going to be offering. Part of the business strategy is to ensure that every client find the package that better suite their budget.

budget forecasts

Projecting Expenses

The landscaping business plan show you the main expenses considered in the industry such as maintenance of tools used for work and equipment, advertising, vehicle maintenance and employee’s salaries.

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