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Industry Overview

Pro Business Plans has extensive expertise working with insurance companies from P&C, health, life, and a variety of specialty insurance types for both business and consumer. It has helped insurance companies to conduct acquisitions, expand into verticals, and conduct market analysis regarding how to increase or diversify their portfolio of books.

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Investor Materials

Preparing custom plans to help insurance companies acquire bank financing to grow their existing operation or acquire competitors.

Financial Projections / Valuation

Conducting custom financial projections with industry specific models for insurance brokers and underwriters for analysis and valuation.

Strategic Planning

Developing strategic plans to help insurance companies expand into verticals and identify growth opportunities to increase diversity and size of portfolio.

Case Studies

SBA Bank Loans     Venture/PE Capital     Strategic Planning

An insurance company was seeking to expand its portfolio into health insurance and was seeking research in the area, along with an analysis of the financial implications. Pro Business Plans conduced custom analysis and build a model.

A property and casualty insurance company was seeking to acquire a competitor’s book of business. Pro Business Plans prepared a business plan and projected financial statements for the bank.

A title insurance company was seeking to build a software to better help it acquire new business. Pro Business Plans developed a custom plan and financial model that helped it form partners and raise capital.

Sector Experience

  • Property & casualty
  • Title insurance
  • Health & life
  • Insurance brokers
  • Underwriting

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