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Waste disposal provides different opportunities in roll-off dumpsters for small operators to start a profitable business. This business plan allows you to research the market to uncover niches of unfulfilled demand, guiding you towards developing the required resources to serve them. The business plan anticipates which individuals and entities may be potential customers of your dumpster business including: individual residences, home owners’ associations, housing communities, municipal agencies and commercial enterprises.

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Business Model

A dumpster business is developed by providing a highly reliable waste removal and management service. Your company will generate revenues from businesses and residences that use the dumpster business for their refuse removal needs.

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Market Positioning

The business plan will provide you ways of gain a competitive advantage within the marketplace by exploring complementary services to offer to your customers. The best way to uncover opportunities for your dumpster business is to diversify it by listening to your customers and understanding their needs. The business plan will detail the economic climate, the waste management industry within the area, your customer profile, and the competition that the business will face as it progresses.

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Operations Plan

A dumpster business is not the kind of company that you operate out of your home. The business plan will show you the aspects you need to take into account in order to operate the business, like finding a secure location to park your equipment. If construction is booming in your area, diversifying your services by adding non-construction revenue streams can also serve as a safeguard against an unforeseen economic downturn.

Financial Projections

The financial section of this business plan explains that the greatest value you can provide for your customers is excellent service that is targeted to their needs. It might not be necessary to compete with for prices with competitors in your niche. The plan will guide you on how to research industry averages for pricing in your region to set your prices according to those standards to produce an attractive profit.

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Revenue Assumptions

The revenues for the dumpster business will primarily come from ongoing refuse removal services. The business plan explains how to expand the business to other services such as providing waste management, and dropped or picked up containers for hazardous materials disposal. The business will generate substantial profits from costumers who hire the dumpster services for their ongoing waste management needs.

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Projecting Expenses

Roll-off trucks maintenance, employees and landfill costs are your main expenses in this business. The business plan will show you how to price the services so that increases in the price of gasoline (or any other supply) will not harshly impact the company’s ability to operate profitably.

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