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Drive-in theaters can be a profitable and entertaining business project if you know how to do it right. This business plan outlines the steps to take in order to run a successful drive-in theater such as looking for settings outside the city to keep your land costs low, getting the screen and sound system and making relationships with a film distributor. Through this guide you will be able to put it all together and start your business.

drive in theater business plan

Business Model

A Drive-in Theater business purpose is to give customers a great entertainment experience. Customers can relax in comfort while they watch high-quality displays of popular movies, all within a short walk or drive from home. The business plan describes the basics features of the theater business model and operations. If you plan to start this business, you will need capital, a location and of course, a solid business plan.

Business Summary

market positioning

Market Positioning

In this section, the drive-in theater business plan describes specific strategies to position the business within its market by using marketing tactics to drive people to the theater and attract new customers, also aiming to get customer’s loyalty to get them to come back frequently, establishing a reliable customer base.

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Operations Plan

The operations plan describes the process of operating a drive-in movie theater. It describes how and where to buy the films, building and preparing the theater, facility maintenance and others. It also includes information about hiring staff, acquiring the facilities and equipment. This section of the business plan covers the major areas such as labor, materials, facilities, equipment and processes, providing key details on how to run the business, along with other elements that are critical to its proper functioning.

Marketing Plan

The marketing plan section of the drive-in theater business plan explains how to reach new customers and strategies to retain them so they repeatedly buy tickets to come to the theater. You will need to start by getting a good location because without it, you will find it hard to attract customers.

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Market Segmentation

This section describes the target customers for a drive-in theater, which are mostly families and young adults. Even though a drive-in theater is determined to be a community-oriented business it also seeks to serve tourists and people passing by the location. Creating brand awareness within the community is therefore an essential piece of the marketing plan and most of the advertising efforts should be directed there.

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Promotional Strategies

One of the main strategies to promote the business will be movie selection, and the emphasis on customer service. Other ideas explained in the business plan are advertising in local newspapers and to promote the theater with coupons for free items from the snack bar, among many others that will be carefully outlined in the business plan.

Financial Projections

The financial section of the business plan includes aspects such as sales forecast, expenses budget, cash-flow statements and income projections of the business. By identifying the main revenue sources and expenses of the business you can make sure the drive-in theater will be a profitable and sustainable business.

revenue projections

Revenue Assumptions

The main sources of revenues will come from admission fees and concessions. Depending on the manager’s ability to reach advertising deals, along with attracting and keeping clients, these streams will vary in proportion.

budget forecasts

Projecting Expenses

The business plan will show that regular expenses for drive-in theaters may include energy consumption for projection, film rental and food preparation, along with payroll, and rent if applicable.

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