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The need for auto spare parts is a recurring one for vehicle owners for as long as they use an automobile as a transportation mean. Auto spare parts businesses are indeed profitable ventures because the replacement of damaged or worn-out auto parts is always necessary. If people want their vehicle to continue to be on the road and serve its purpose they have to come to you. If you are planning to open an auto spare parts business, this business plan is for you.

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Business Model

The auto spare part business includes retail sales of automotive parts and accessories. Players in this industry can choose to operate a single store in just one location or a chain of stores in several locations. In this section of the auto spare parts business plan you will find essential information about the business in order to make it successful; how does it work and where it get its customers, where does it buy the products and distributes them, as well as information for attracting new clients.

Business Summary

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Market Positioning

The business plan explains the market for this type of industry and how to position the business through offering customers better value, faster delivery, a wide range of brands and parts and experienced sales people that can help clients get what they need in order to build stronger, long-term customer relationships. In order to grow the business, your auto spare part store needs to connect with its clients and be a reliable source of solutions for them.

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Operations Plan

There are many essential aspects to consider in order to run a successful auto spare part business. In this section of the plan there is a complete description of the operations you need to take into account such as your store’s location, inventory procedures, setting a network of reliable suppliers, hiring the right staff, operational hours and delivery options and more.

Marketing Plan

The business plan for an auto spare part company shows the results of market research and feasibility studies in order for the business to penetrate the available market and become the preferred choice for those who live and work there. This section presents detailed information and data to structure the business in a way that attracts customers. This part of the business plan also explains the marketing strategies that will help you achieve the business’ goals of winning a larger percentage of the available market.

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Market Segmentation

The auto spare parts business has one of the largest ranges of customers; almost every automobile owner would have one reason or the other to purchase automobile parts and accessories. The market research and feasibility studies offer several ideas of what the target market is expecting from the business. The business plan describes how to be prepared to retail a wide range of auto spare parts to the following groups of people and corporate organizations: car owners, auto repair shops, maintenance and servicing garages, transport companies and haulage companies. You will definitely need to pick one or a few of these groups in order to be effective in your marketing and sales strategy.

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Promotional Strategies

Advertising is essential for an auto spare part business to grow. This section of the business plan details strategies such as placing ads in yellow pages, local newspapers and developing great relationships with auto repair shops within the area; along with creating fliers and brochures that you can distribute among potential customers. Word-of-mouth also works.

Financial Projections

The auto spare part is always a profitable business. It can’t go out of fashion, simply because of the role it plays in the auto industry. In this part of the business plan there is essential information about the financial side of the business including its revenues and expenses.

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Revenue Assumptions

The business plan of the auto spare part business aims to maximize profit margins and ensure that the business achieves its goals and objectives. In essence, the main source of income is the retailing of a wide range of auto spare parts at attractive prices. This includes selling automotive parts and accessories including critical parts, maintenance parts, accessories and performance-enhancement parts.

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Projecting Expenses

This section offers a complete description of all the major expenses for the auto spare part business such as staff, sales commissions, rent, along with warehouse, logistics and advertising expenses. It also includes a guide on how to keep these expenses in line in order to maintain the profitability of the business.

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