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As the global population rises, the reality of finite resources is intensifying. These concerns, along with the negative impacts of burning fossil fuels, have created an environmentally and socially conscious mindset among different groups of economic players, including consumers, investors, firms and governments. This growing interest and necessity makes an alternative energy business a viable opportunity for entrepreneurs to take advantage of the green revolution. From solar panels to energy adapters, the search for alternative energy is here to stay and this business plan offers information on successfully operating your own alternative energy business.

alternative energy business plan

Business Model

An alternative energy business can use solar, wind or geothermal energy as sources. Moreover, it does not only offer energy generation but storage, conservation, distribution, installation, repair, maintenance or consulting services related to the industry. All of these are part of the many angles that an alternative energy business can work from. In this section of the plan you will find more detailed information about all the business’ characteristics and a description of the company’s services.

Business Summary

market positioning

Market Positioning

In this section of the business plan you will find an initial market research report and analysis that will give you a sense of the demand for alternative energy products and services, as well as strategies for the company to become well known in the alternative energy world. Moreover, there is a guide on how to best introduce the alternative energy business to its target market.

team management

Operations Plan

The alternative energy business plan focuses on offering renewable energy products and/or services at a grand or small scale, adding value to consumers’ well-being. This section presents the operational plan for the business including goals, targets and actions for the products and services being offered, required staff, internal processes, logistics information, working schedules and more.

Marketing Plan

The marketing plan is focused on emphasizing the importance and necessity of alternative energy as a fundamental step on the way to renew the way we generate energy for our daily needs. Despite the fact that the alternative energy business it’s rising, to educate consumers on the advantages of alternative energy will keep this demand growing. This section brings a solid marketing plan that clearly shows the approach to get into the marketplace and acquire new customers.

trade shows

Market Segmentation

For an alternative energy business, it is greatly important to identify and classify the type of consumers it will serve. It is essential to group together those customers with similar features and needs to develop services that suit them. In this part of the business plan you will not only find different types of consumers you may target, but also services that are commonly looked for in the industry, by whom, and why.

business development

Promotional Strategies

The correct use of marketing and effective promotions and advertising is essential to maintain a successful alternative energy business. Taking an educational approach is vital in this matter to keep consumers’ interest which consecutively will increase profits, generate growth and help you get bigger projects and contracts, all of which will help your company thrive in the industry. Participating as well as sponsoring fund raising events as well as other promotional strategies are included in this promotional plan.

Financial Projections

The following chapter includes the financial projections for the alternative energy business for the next three to five years. This part of the plan presents a conservative estimate of revenues, expenses, and capital requirements for the business.

revenue projections

Revenue Assumptions

Since we use energy for almost everything, sources of revenue for an alternative energy business are currently high and continue to grow over the years. It is essential of course, to identify communities and industries with growing needs and interest in alternative energy, given that this will result in larger revenues. This section will further explain the main sources of revenue for the business and the financial assumptions the plan is taking to calculate them.

budget forecasts

Projecting Expenses

In this section of the plan you will find the regular expenses involved in keeping and alternative energy business running. The list of operating expenses includes job safety expenses, permits and marketing expenses, as well as staff salaries and taxes.

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