The NIPS website is aimed towards creating value for the customers, both residential construction 

contractors and suppliers of raw materials for projects. It will do this by creating a platform for generating 

leads, providing quotes and processing transactions for household residential consumers. The consumers 

spend a significant time acquiring different quotes for services for jobs that cost the same to implement and 

finding reliable contractors, so NIPS saves them time and reduces risk through its product. 














Fully Vetted Contractors:

 Consumers need a residential construction contractor that is reliable and has a 

good reputation. Screening each contractor takes time and using a new one requires some degree of risk 

every time. NIPS eliminates the risk and reduces the time requirements by pre-screening contractors on the 

website, only using ones that meet quality specifications and maintaining them readily. 

Consistent Quotes:


Consumers value consistency and reliability when searching for experiences. NIPS 

delivers this by creating a single quote for construction projects for all regions in the UK. This simplifies 

waiting for a quote and calling several companies, when they may simply search on the website and place 

an order for supplies and the contractor as simply and consistently as purchasing any product. 

Complete Database of Projects:

 The projects in demand range from damage clean-up to remodeling, 

improvements and many other projects. This requires that the website have a full array of contractorsand 

suppliers, which provide exactly the services and are within a reasonable driving distance to meet the 

consumer’s needs. The complete database of projects and prices also eliminates searching. 


The core purpose of the website is to close deals and process transactions from leads generated on the 

website for construction contractors and their suppliers. It will do this by being a valuable tool for 

consumers by supporting the following functions: 


The  company is  already  working  on the website  in  the  latest  coding  language  with  a  database  of  all 

residential  construction  projects,  contractors  and  supplies  subscribed  to  the  website.  Data  

protectionservices will be used to protect information on the database and consumer information. The 

payments will  be  processed  through  a  contract  with  Elavon/Sage,  enabling  all  payment  functionalities  

of  an  e-commerce website. 


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