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A sales staff of 38 will begin to convert contractors in the UK with a 13% commission on sales. The owner 

has a database of over 56K tradesmen, which will be contacted with targeted sales materials. The 

salespeople will be trained to effectively acquire and close contractor leads and secure a one year 

registration covering the first year’s monthly expense and with the rest free. The sales staff goal is to 

convert 31,615 tradesmen total, and 15,552 in year 1, which the salesforce will then be partially directed 

towards acquiring suppliers. The salespeople will be offering the tradesmen an offer that if contractors to 

not obtain a job in the first 18 months, they receive the following year’s subscription for free. 

Public relations


The public relations will be focused when the platform already has contractors and can deliver value to 

consumers visiting the website. The pursuit of media attention must be done through appropriate 

contractor blogs, local news media outlets and home improvement magazines. It is extremely important 

that the website be fully functional and able to consistently convert clients before PR activity occurs. 




The advertising method will include social media and direct marketing and designed to convert as many 

mass consumers. Direct advertising can be regulated based on supply and demand as the number of 

contractors and demand levels for certain regions are out of balance, advertising can be allocated to 

different areas as appropriate. For instance, high levels of demand in the South can be budgeted to gain 

contractors attention from consumers needing projects in the West. Social media will mainly be used as 

an agent for customer relationship management and encouraging users to share the website with 



Website Strategy

Aside from its core functionalities, the website and overall marketing campaigns will focus on its 

simplicity, with heavy SEO, website speed and organized user-interface. Some directories are 

disorganized and complex, which detracts from their perceived value. The website, therefore, has a 

considerable portion of the budget for improvements to performance, design and search engine 



The owner of NIPS is requesting £150,000 to cover expenses during the pre-revenue generating phases of 

the company