Direct Competitors


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My Hammer (1.93 M visitors/year):

 The website is a database for projects within the UK for residential 

contractors to register, post the services they provide and be populated in the directory when a visitor  

Confidential Business Plan: Do not distribute or copy this document without permission 10 searches under 

the category and location. Consumers can then place jobs and descriptions, requesting a quote for the 

project and display an estimated budget. The website only connects contractors with consumers and does 

not continue its role to close the lead and process the transaction. Consumers still need to screen the 

contractors and review them online with no advanced quality control measures in place to ensure only the 

most reliable contractors are being displayed or given preference. 

Check-a-Trade (2.45 M visitors/year):

 The directory specializes in serving as a research tool for 

consumers on the front-end and generating leads for contractors with a strong reputation in return. This 

creates a self-filtering method whereby the platform is profitable for contractors with a strong reputation and 

weeds out the ones that are not reliable by listing the pros and cons objectively of each contractor. The 

company is a fierce competitor in the reputation management niche and may reduce risk of hiring a new 

contractor, however, it does not simplify the process or enable leads to be closed on the website. 

My Builder (8.343 M/year):

 The most popular website and fiercest expected competitor is My Builder, 

where consumers can place jobs similar to My Hammer, negotiate prices and list feedback. The feedback 

enables the users to review others comments and screen for performance. The platform is nearly identical in 

nature to My Hammer, however it has a cleaner user interface and has more financial resources. This 

demonstrates the importance and value of an investment in a clean, organized and simple interface. 

However, this website still does not able consumers to get a flat rate and purchase contractor supplies. 


Pricing Strategy 

The pricing structure will remain relatively consistent, periodically adjusted for inflation. Most revenues will 

initially come from contractor registrations in year one, with no registrations coming in during the start-up 

pre revenue generation period. Revenues will arrive through the following structure:

£200 single fee for a contractor registration 

5% of the revenue from jobs contractors are awarded on the website 

£30 per month fee to be on the database as a contractor 

£750 single fee for a construction materials supplier registration 

3% of the revenue from materials that companies sell when are awarded on the website