Scott Galloway – Chief Executive Officer 

Scott has 11 years management experience in the construction industry and has ran a construction firm 

for six years. He has a deep understanding of all dimensions in the construction industry, therefore, he 

understands what creates a quality customer experience and how to create value for contractors and 


Strong management with a background within the construction industry and experience increasing 

sales performance within the industry year over year.  

First mover’s advantage in the market for the new business model in the contractor space that 

enables the opportunity to always have better rankings than competitors. 

A lean operating model in an industry with significantly high profit margins, reducing risk levels and 

enabling higher growth rates and sustainability. 

A significantly large addressable market with all residential consumers in the UK, with the potential 

to scale-up internationally. 


The overarching strategy of NIPS is to acquire and close leads for contractors and suppliers by 

savingresidential construction consumers time and risk from having to search independently. A key 

advatage that the company has is being first to market with its business model, but not first of similar 

databases, granting it the opportunity to quickly build a database from similar successful models and 

capitalize on the database in a sustainable manner. 

As the website grows, it obtains a more defensible market position with higher search engine rankings, 

a strong brand, more contractors and suppliers. We believe that the market share for an online 

contractor website enabling purchasing is highly concentrated because of its search engine ranking and 

reputation, providing us the opportunity to gain control over the online contractor market if the strategy 

if effectively developed and implemented successfully. 

It is recognized that issues raised by clients regarding contractors may potentially reflect the company 

upon negatively. However, all tradesmen and suppliers will be required to comply with the NIPS Terms & 

Conditions before confirming their registration. These terms will stipulate that NIPS company is not 

liable for complaints or consequential damages related to the website or work acquired on it. 




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