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Industry Overview

Pro Business Plans has worked with many Jewellery & accessories related companies from designers to manufacturers and retailers to help them prepare plans for investment acquisition and strategy. Its experience spans across from new designer brands to large, established companies looking to expand into new markets and introduce new product lines.

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Investor Materials

Creating custom business plans, pitch decks, PPMs, and other documents to help Jewellery and accessory companies acquire capital.

Financial Projections / Valuation

Helping companies prepare custom financial projections and valuations using industry benchmarks and analysis.

Strategic Planning

Conducting research and identifying opportunities to expand into new verticals, launch new products, and expand into new markets.

Case Studies

SBA Bank Loans     Venture/PE Capital     Strategic Planning

A Jewellery manufacturer specializing in Polish style was seeking to start selling direct-to-consumer with their own showroom. Pro Business Plans prepared investment materials for the bank and build a financial model for analysis.

A designer of luxury hats was seeking to expand their product line and scale into the mainstream market. Pro Business Plans conducted research and developed a custom plan for expanding to target a wider demographic.

A foreign manufacturer of Jewellery products was seeking to enter the United States and bypass distributors to sell directly to stores for a higher margin. Pro Business Plans conducted research and proposed a plan to bypass distributors.

Sector Experience

  • Designers and smaller producers
  • Wholesale and distribution
  • Manufacturers
  • Private label

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