Top Ways to Boost Your Company Valuation

Valuing a startup company is very difficult. There are many factors that combine to determine how much any startup company is worth. More established companies with at least five years of operating history may be valued using the standardized approach that analyzes historical earnings as the basis of the valuation. A company that has only […]

How to Get a Low Interest Business Loan on Bad Credit

Millions of Americans have bad credit for any array of reasons from being newly arrived immigrants from country where the FICO is not the standard to having a series of unforeseen obligations that quickly emerged. This can happen to literally any individual with only a series of unforeseen events causing a direct hazard to the credit […]

Six Things Your Investors Are Thinking About Your Company

When it comes investors, it is likely that they are interested in many aspects of your company and will ask several questions related to it. However, the questions that they ask do not always reflect what they are actually thinking. Hence, it is advantageous to seek to better understand what investors are really thinking. Based […]

Resources for Contacting Venture Capitalists

When it comes to contacting investors, it can often be a daunting and time consuming endeavor. There are many resources available online that are both misleading and suggestions that are almost certain to lead your company down an inappropriate path. Fortunately, there are still several options that are both completely free and accessible to companies […]

VC Screening Criteria

There are many factors that exist by which venture capitalists will use to screen the investment potential of your company. By understanding such factors, companies can better prepare for questions that may be asked and structure the business around such criteria early on to potentially increase its probability of success. As you will see, there […]

The Guide to Mastering Angel List

If you look on the website Angel List, you will notice the massive and highly reputable people and start-ups on the website. It is becoming the LinkedIn for start-ups, which immediately grants you exposure to the most promising start-ups and most powerful investors available worldwide. However, just because these resources are available, does not mean […]

The Money Trail: Sectors and Locations with Most VC Funding

This Infographic is based on market research from PwC and Bain Private Equity. The research considered all sectors and metro areas in the United States, in an effort to discover outliers for venture financing. Companies that are started in locations and sectors with more financing available, are more likely to be successful and reach their exit strategies. Silicon […]

XL Group launches new Insurance Focused Venture Capital Fund

FinTech startups seeking venture capital may now have a new channel for potential funding. XL Group, an Ireland based global insurance and reinsurance company has announced its introduction of XL Innovate. The new venture capital initiative will be placing investments in companies that focus on solving sophisticated problems within the insurance industry. The company has […]

Increasing VC & PE Investment in Africa

For the past few decades, central African countries have only been associated with grant money. With a substantial growth in private investment and growing startup scene, Africa is beginning to attract investment capital. Led by Nigeria and Kenya, the regions have now surpassed those placed in South Africa and Egypt. The total deal activity within […]

Twitter’s New Venture Capital Fund

The controversial business model of Twitter has taken another tailspin for its investors, now beginning to provide seed money for other companies with its own investor financing. The venture arm of the mobile social media platform is being led by Anthony Noto, a former banker at Goldman Sachs. Twitter has not provided details about the […]

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