How to Use Data for Your Startup

Regardless of the stage of your company, there is little to no excuse for failing to make effective decisions. The most effective are consistently made by individuals that have the ability to use data in order to be more informed that the competition. Failing to properly use data will result in less informed decisions, leading […]

Importance of Custom Market Research

We have worked with many entrepreneurs, many of them have significant experience and others are brand new. A key difference that we have witnessed that the most successful entrepreneurs all share is the understanding of the importance market research. By market research, we do not mean macro-economic research such as the growth of an industry […]

A Description of the Small Business Administration (SBA) Loan Programs

The small business administration in the United States provides many loan programs designed to help business owners finance their new or growing business. The program is beneficial to entrepreneurs that may have difficulty qualifying for a bank loan or are seeking more competitive interest payments. If you are interested in the SBA program, making a […]

Estimating Start-up Expenses

Forecasting the expenses of your new business is extremely important, as an accurate forecast is a vital part of determining financing needs. A key reasons that new businesses fail to success is that they run out of resources, which may be partly attributed to underestimating the amount of cash needed to meet early stage expenses. […]

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