What Defines a Good Brand?

There are many things analyzed when a new brand is launching in the market. Companies that fully understand how to establish and nurture their brand will undoubtedly maintain a strong and defensible position in the market. Hence, it follows that it is advantageous for a company to invest time and energy into making a ‘good’ […]

Three Ways to Increase Customer Lifetime Value

Unless you are selling a single product or service, it’s more than likely the case that customer lifetime value (CLV) will heavily impact your company performance. With advertising stops growing more competitive, the customer acquisition cost continues to rise and your company must focus on retention. This idea of retaining customers can be translated into […]

Leveraging Content Marketing as a Competitive Strategy

The old ways of focusing on SEO have come to a mum with the introduction of Google’s series of algorithm penalties designed to weed out artifices. The advantage is that the shift in ranking changed SEO from a game of budget and backlinks to quality and recognition. Companies that contribute to the web’s growing database […]

Leveraging the Power of Your Blog

Most people think of SEO as some complicated set of equations and processes that no individual could ever really get involved with unless they were an expert. While its definitely that way at the highest levels, most business owners can make huge strides just by using some simple techniques like we’re going to describe here. […]

Why marketing is a vital part of every business plan

Everyone who wants to run a business of some kind needs a business plan, it is that simple. It does not matter if you are a small mom and pop business that caters to mostly local customers or if you are a giant enterprise with hundreds of employees and millions of customers – you need […]

How to use promotional products to boost opinion of your brand

It is the shopping time of the year and retailers, together with wholesalers, as well, have to be very smart in order to sell as many products as possible. To sell more products, they have to meet two conditions; the first one is being ready to give special offers and the second one is promoting […]

The Importance of UI/UX in E-commerce

User interface and user experience (UI/UX) is incredibly important for e-commerce. After all, you only get a very limited time to make a lasting impression on potential customers. You need that impression to be a positive one if you expect to convert them into repeat customers. Your web site should make a magnificent first impression. […]

Top 5 Internet Content Marketing Strategies

No matter what updates that are released by search engines, there is one permanent truth. Content will always be Internet royalty. If your business uses content marketing, it’s important that the content gets the attention it deserves. Here are the top 5 Internet content marketing strategies that you should be using for your business. Strategy […]

Business Development Plan: Applying Six Sigma to Company Growth

Companies that demonstrate market viability must look towards business development initiatives that will enable them to grow and expand. While this concept is simple, determining the most effective method of growth can be a complex task and implementation can be even more daunting as challenges are incurred. By carefully selecting the best approach for progression […]

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