YC Announces its Y Combinator Continuity Fund

Y Combinator provides advice, support, and other resources to start-up companies. The company will fund its 1,000th start-up by FY 2015, many of which have gone on to receive substantial success in the marketplace with the support of YC. On October 15, YC introduced a new fund that is designed to support its portfolio companies. […]

Selecting the Best Platform for Crowdfunding

The number of crowdfunding platforms jumped from 308 in 2013 to 1,250 in 2014, according to Massolution. Selecting the best crowdfunding platform for your company depends on several factors. Some platforms may be specifically tailored to your industry, whereas others leave you lost in the noise and irrelevant traffic. There are a lot of posts […]

The Seven Laws of Crowdfunding

There are no rules to crowdfunding quite yet, simply a series of useful axioms that may only be applied in restricted contexts. This article has compiled information on over 10,000 crowdfunding campaigns across platforms like Kickstarter, Indiegogo, and Gust. Among our research, we kept noticing that many of the failed campaigns, did not succeed for […]

Crowdfunding Pitfalls to Avoid

Many companies now add crowdfunding to the list of potential financing options, just next to banks and investment groups. Crowdfunding in this context considers both equity based investment and product sales. Websites such as Seed Invest or EquityNet are designed for equity investment, dividing shares of private companies so that several investors may acquire ownership. […]

Top Crowdfunding Strategies

Crowdfunding is becoming an extremely popular method of acquiring capital for a new start-up company with a great technology seeking commercialization. However, just as one financing method is not best for all companies, crowdfunding cannot be applied to all businesses. If you determine that crowdfunding is a feasible option for your company, given the success […]

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