What Defines a Good Brand?

There are many things analyzed when a new brand is launching in the market. Companies that fully understand how to establish and nurture their brand will undoubtedly maintain a strong and defensible position in the market. Hence, it follows that it is advantageous for a company to invest time and energy into making a ‘good’ […]

Top Ways to Boost Your Company Valuation

Valuing a startup company is very difficult. There are many factors that combine to determine how much any startup company is worth. More established companies with at least five years of operating history may be valued using the standardized approach that analyzes historical earnings as the basis of the valuation. A company that has only […]

How to Get a Low Interest Business Loan on Bad Credit

Millions of Americans have bad credit for any array of reasons from being newly arrived immigrants from country where the FICO is not the standard to having a series of unforeseen obligations that quickly emerged. This can happen to literally any individual with only a series of unforeseen events causing a direct hazard to the credit […]

Six Things Your Investors Are Thinking About Your Company

When it comes investors, it is likely that they are interested in many aspects of your company and will ask several questions related to it. However, the questions that they ask do not always reflect what they are actually thinking. Hence, it is advantageous to seek to better understand what investors are really thinking. Based […]

Resources for Contacting Venture Capitalists

When it comes to contacting investors, it can often be a daunting and time consuming endeavor. There are many resources available online that are both misleading and suggestions that are almost certain to lead your company down an inappropriate path. Fortunately, there are still several options that are both completely free and accessible to companies […]

The Advantages of Strategic Partnerships

There are many approaches in which the formation of a strategic partnership may help a company grow. In fact, just a few strategic partnerships with larger companies may immediately propel a business and drives its growth level significantly. Many companies place a tremendous emphasis on the introduction and development of consumer level marketing or enterprise […]

The Disadvantage of Startup Loans

  Many companies have considered entering the market with the immediate introduction of a startup business loan. The reasons for this are often premised around a high degree of confidence that the startup company will immediately be profitable and be capable of repaying lenders with interest. This can be advantageous in many cases, particularly if […]

SaaS Business Plan

Software as a service companies are an emerging trend within business that enables consumers to have access the same software capabilities delivered by manufactured products, with a zero risk for piracy, low marginal distribution cost, and ongoing update capabilities. The SaaS market is ripe with investment capital due to the sector’s high margins and low […]

Massage Therapist Business Plan

You spent a lot of money on your education and licenses to become a massage therapist. Now that you’re going into business for yourself, you need to create a business plan. A business plan is important for many reasons. Let’s look at a few of the reasons why you need a business plan as a massage […]

Pet Grooming Business Plan

Many people love to pamper their pets. If you love working with animals and you’ve decided to open a pet grooming business, you need a business plan that specifically addresses your industry. Grooming is a luxury that many people love to give to their pets. However, it’s also an industry that’s exploding with new competition. […]

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