6 Proven Habits to Increase your Performance

As an entrepreneur, it is important for you to stay focused and remain at top performance. This means not being suppressed by external activities that will drag not only your performance down, but that of your entire company. We sought to compile a list of six scientifically proven habits that can help to increase your […]

7 Tips Every Successful Speakers Follow

A public speaking presentation is just like everything else, it is simply doing a lot of ‘right’ things at a lot of ‘right’ times. While we wish the implementation of a great speech was as easy as the conception of this notion, it requires to first know what these ‘right’ things are. We sought out […]

Selecting the Best Platform for Crowdfunding

The number of crowdfunding platforms jumped from 308 in 2013 to 1,250 in 2014, according to Massolution. Selecting the best crowdfunding platform for your company depends on several factors. Some platforms may be specifically tailored to your industry, whereas others leave you lost in the noise and irrelevant traffic. There are a lot of posts […]

7 Success Habits of Wealthy People

Incredibly wealthy people rarely reach the peak of financial success through accident. Fortune is merely a manifestation of dedicated habits that improve the chances of success. By adopting these habits and sticking to them, you can improve your chances of ‘fortune’ working in your favor and improving your company’s performance. We have conducted research around […]

Avoid These 7 Pitch Deck Mistakes

 We previously had a client with a very powerful accounting software comparable needing to raise $3.0 M in financing from an investor. The company was consistently receiving negative responses by investors and could not understand why. They failed to acquire investor appointments and did not even pass the initial pitch deck screening round. We later […]

The Guide to Mastering Angel List

If you look on the website Angel List, you will notice the massive and highly reputable people and start-ups on the website. It is becoming the LinkedIn for start-ups, which immediately grants you exposure to the most promising start-ups and most powerful investors available worldwide. However, just because these resources are available, does not mean […]

The Seven Laws of Crowdfunding

There are no rules to crowdfunding quite yet, simply a series of useful axioms that may only be applied in restricted contexts. This article has compiled information on over 10,000 crowdfunding campaigns across platforms like Kickstarter, Indiegogo, and Gust. Among our research, we kept noticing that many of the failed campaigns, did not succeed for […]

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