Companies Reinvent Themselves to Keep Up With Customers

The market place will always be dynamic and the external market changes. As entrepreneurs, we must learn to prepare for them and embrace the external change into our enterprise. Keeping up with the consistent market changes means structuring your company around the market and doing so faster than your competition.   Adapting to this change […]

Three Ways to Increase Customer Lifetime Value

Unless you are selling a single product or service, it’s more than likely the case that customer lifetime value (CLV) will heavily impact your company performance. With advertising stops growing more competitive, the customer acquisition cost continues to rise and your company must focus on retention. This idea of retaining customers can be translated into […]

Top 6 Ways to Stay Productive as an Entrepreneur

Corporate life places mandatory lifestyle constraints on individuals to enhance productivity, but once these are removed, the importance for self-management has never been more important. Telecommuting has been increasing since the birth of the Internet and is still an exploding market. Therefore, you are far from alone by seeking to work out of a home […]

The Money Trail: Sectors and Locations with Most VC Funding

This Infographic is based on market research from PwC and Bain Private Equity. The research considered all sectors and metro areas in the United States, in an effort to discover outliers for venture financing. Companies that are started in locations and sectors with more financing available, are more likely to be successful and reach their exit strategies. Silicon […]

Building a Strategic Roadmap

A business plan is often used to communicate a well analyzed snapshot of your company at a point in time. This is used as a medium to provide information for investors. However, a strategic roadmap analyzes the impact of various decisions on your business and the path to implementation. The structure is different, but not […]

The Downside: Starting your Business with Debt

Companies often come to us looking to raise debt for their start-up. However, they fail to properly quantify the magnitude of starting a company with debt. We attempt to put things into perspective rather than explain how the debt amortization schedule impacts the cash flows. Think about how difficult it is to swim in the […]

Key Catalysts for Boosting Business Performance

There are a few techniques that your company can use that will immediately boost the performance of your business and continue to drive growth. These are not quick marketing campaigns, but a series of approaches that deliver value in their own unique dimension and work to shape the culture of your firm. We have identified […]

How to Effectively Manage Interns

Companies at every scale need to have the capability of effectively managing interns in a way that drives more value than investment. We analyzed over 100 companies that use interns, 63% of which indicated to us that they spend too much time managing interns or too much time during the training process. While this may […]

How to Effectively Gather Market Research

Good market research is crucial for making effective decisions. A company that does its homework before committing to any path is more likely to succeed and consistently outperform is competition. However, we have found that many companies fail to understand how to organize small scale market research initiatives and effective organize the data. Pro Business […]

How to Use Data for Your Startup

Regardless of the stage of your company, there is little to no excuse for failing to make effective decisions. The most effective are consistently made by individuals that have the ability to use data in order to be more informed that the competition. Failing to properly use data will result in less informed decisions, leading […]

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